Noise Monitoring Equipment     

Noise meters

All meters used for environmental noise monitoring are type approved. The highest level of approval is Type 1. Whilst Type 2 meters are allowed by British Standard 4142, Type 1 meters are generally used.

All meters are officially calibrated at least once every one to two years. They are also calibrated before and after each test on-site, to ensure that the calibration is still correct. The calibrator used for this is itself calibrated each year.

Currently the noise meters owned, and used by Farm Energy Consulting, include:

Brűel & Kjær 2250

Rion NL-42

Wind shields

For wind turbine assessment it is important to use an environmental wind shield that can cope with all weather conditions, to prevent the microphone being affected by rain or wind.

The types of shield currently used are:

The Rion WS15 is described as a double skinned shield, and with a diameter greater than 100 mm complies with the recommendations in the GPG.

Rion WS-15

The B & K 4952 is a high quality wind shield that has been found to give similar results to the Rion WS-15.

Brűel & Kjær Type 4952

A secondary cover is now available to increase the shield diameter to more than 100 mm.

Bruel & Kjaer Type 2152

Wind shields for turbine noise measurements need only work up to 12 m/s, measured at 10 m above ground level. The wind speed at microphone level (1.5 m) will be significantly less.


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