Background Noise Assessment

Purpose: To assess whether current noise levels will sufficiently mask additional noise from the proposed development.

Process: The noise is monitored using a noise meter equipped with a microphone mounted at 1.2 - 1.5 m above ground level.  

Every 10 minutes during amenity and night periods, the average A- Weighted, noise level (LAeq) and the residual noise (LA90) are recorded.

At the same time the wind speed and rainfall are monitored by a weather mast sited near the proposed turbine(s).

Data is collected as wind speed increases at the turbine site, as turbine noise increases as the wind speed increases.

The background noise at a residence is seen to increase as wind speed increases.

If the calculated turbine noise is less than 5 dB(A) in excess of the residual noise (LA90) noise level then the background noise is considered to adequately mask the turbine noise.


A typical plot of background (residual) noise against speed in shown

A typical time history of collected data is shown

More information on typical equipment is shown HERE

Scatter Plot.jpg History.jpg

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